All images in the “Gado Images” gallery on listed as either “Free” or “Public Domain” (“Free Images”) are believed to be in the public domain and free of any known copyright restrictions. Ts Tech Solutions LLC DBA Gado Images (“Gado Images”) will in no way restrict you from using Free Images for any purpose you see fit, including commercial purposes. Permission for use is not required from Gado Images. Attribution is not required, but is appreciated–please attribute images to “”.

Outside the United States of America, Free Images are considered to be published under a CC0 1.0 Universal license.

These terms apply only to Free Images; Premium and other images on may not be used or downloaded for free. Images on which are not in the Gado Images gallery are subject to the terms of use of and/or other parties.

Rights Held by Gado Images and Others

In some instances, Free Images are believed to have entered the public domain through abandonment or another overt action of their original creator, through failure to renew a copyright, failure to comply with formalities prior to 1978, expiration, or other means.

In other instances, the original creator or their heirs or assigns have sold or otherwise transferred rights to the Free Images to Gado Images. In any instance where Gado Images could be considered to hold copyrights to Free Images through a sale or other transfer of these rights, Gado Images releases these rights and considers the images to be in the Public Domain.

Rights to the Digital Images

In some jurisdictions, Gado Images may be considered to hold copyrights to the digital versions of Free Images, through the act of digitizing these images. To the extent that Gado Images may hold copyrights to the digital versions of Free Images, Gado Images releases these rights and considers the images to be in the Public Domain.

Publicity Rights and Commercial Uses

While Free Images are believed to be in the Public Domain, these images may depict individuals, objects, and properties which may be subject to publicity or personality rights in certain jurisdictions, including the United States, especially when used for commercial purposes. Please review Personality Rights, and consult with an attorney before using any Free Image which depicts a recognizable person, place or object, especially for commercial purposes.

No Warranties

While Free Images are believed to be in the Public Domain to the best of Gado Images’ knowledge and understanding, Gado Images makes no representation or warranty of any kind with respect to the Free Images’ Public Domain status or otherwise and expressly disclaims any liability for claims of infringement or otherwise that may arise out of the use of the Free Images. The use of the words “Public Domain” on the website or does not imply a warranty of any Free Images’s public domain status. The ultimate determination of copyright status is the responsibility of the user of the Free Images. Please consult with an attorney before using any Free Image if you have any concerns about its copyright status, especially for commercial uses.

Captions, keywords, dates and other metadata provided for Free Images are provided as-is, and are intended to improve searchability of the Free Images. Gado Images makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of any metadata provided on Free Images.

If you have concerns about the copyright status of Gado Images’ Free Images–especially for commercial uses–please consider purchasing a license for one of our Premium images from Getty Images.

Licensed/Premium Public Domain Images

Only Public Domain images included in the Free Images are made available for free use. From time to time, Gado Images, its agents or assigns may charge a license fee for access to the digitized file of a Public Domain image, for use of metadata associated with a Public Domain image, or for other services related to a Public Domain image or the digital file in which the image is fixed. The provision of Free Images shall in no way prevent Gado Images from charging a license fee for Public Domain or other materials.

Reporting Copyright Issues

If you believe that any image on or in the “Gado Images” gallery on is improperly labeled with respect to its copyright status, please contact us.


By using and downloading any Free Images, you agree to the provisions of these Terms of Service for Internet Archive Public Domain Images, and further agree to assume any and all risk that a claim of infringement might be brought as a result of your use of any Free Image.