Gado 1 Design Information

With work already complete on the Gado 2, there are no plans to provide build documentation for the Gado 1.

For those interested in gleaning lessons from the Gado 1’s design, here are my design notes, shop notes, planning documents, and original 3d models.

Robotic Scanner Scanning Protocol, Arduino Communications Letterspace, Arduino Header Inputs

This is my original outline of the steps taken to scan an image. Each movement that the robot performs is written out in sequence.

Also in this document is the original letterspace used by the Python program to communicate with the Arduino. The Arduino code in the Gado 1 basically accepts an ASCII character and an optional integer over serial. The character (each letter in the “letterspace”) defines a command, and the integer is used for commands where a number needs to be passed along, like commands for movement (i.e. to move 1000 steps in the x direction, you would send 1000x to the Arduino). You can compare this letterspace against the letters in the switch statement from the Gado 1’s firmware (see Download on the left).

Finally, this document identifies what sensors/switches/motors etc. plug into which headers on the Arduino mega.

This was an early revision, so it has likely changed, but it gives you a sense of what commands the robot has available and how it communicates.

Robotic Scanner Notes on Post Its Jul8_2010

My scratchpad while mocking up the machine in Sketchup.

Robotic Scanner Design Goals

Strategy docs when I was beginning the planning phase of the project.

Detailed Robotic Scanner Parts List Reduced

A reduced BOM. Not sure if this is the final version, but again it gives a sense, and provides some info on the vendors I used.

Bill of Materials Design 2

Original, larger BOM.