In the 20th century, the world took an estimated 375 billion analog photographs. Hundreds of millions of these photographs are held in the archives of libraries, universities, newspapers, media companies, collectors, government agencies and other organizations worldwide. And that doesn’t even include the millions of paintings, engravings, song books, drawings and other visual artifacts created between antiquity and today. Digitizing these priceless visual artifacts is the first step towards making them accessible to your audience, preserving them for future generations, and turning them into valuable revenue-generating assets which can help you accomplish your mission today.

What We Do

Gado Images has expertise in a wide variety of digitization technologies and processes, allowing us to digitize nearly any format of visual artifact at full archival quality. This includes prints, slides, negatives, sheet music and film. We do everything from designing and evaluating digitization processes and recommending technologies, to actively digitizing materials on-site in our partners’ archives or at our lab in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are seeking new partners with collections covering African American History, vernacular photos and snapshots of everyday life, postcards, history of science, medicine and technology, California History, and other topics.


Gado Images has expertise in a variety of digitization technologies, from basic flatbed scanners, to archival robots, to complex custom camera systems from vendors like Phase One and Zeutschel. We provide equipment research and advisory services to organizations ranging from small archives and museums to large academic and commercial institutions.

On-Site Digitization

Gado Images develops digitization processes and training materials for your staff, or can place our own digitization staff members in your archive.


Gado Images provides consulting services for all aspects of the digitization process, from discovery and evaluation of collections, to development of digitization plans based on industry best practices, to creation of workflows to distribute and monetize your digitized content. We work with clients ranging from large academic institutions and government agencies, to libraries and individual collectors.

Digital Collections

Gado Images can help you edit, enhance and monetize your previously-digitized or born digital collections, transforming legacy content into valuable digital assets. We have extensive experience extracting data from legacy collections management and digital asset management systems. Our technologies and expertise ensure that your legacy content meets modern standards and best practices, including for commercial licensing.