About Us

Gado Images is a software and media company which uses innovative technologies to digitize and share the world’s visual history. We work with archival collections to find unique, niche content and make it available to creatives worldwide.

Gado Images partners with world-class institutions including Johns Hopkins University, Getty Images, Internet Archive, the Afro American Newspapers, and Sheet Music Plus. We also partner with small institutions and individuals including Stuart Lutz Historic Documents, Laguna College of Art + Design, the Clarence Gatson Collection, and Aalto University.

The core of Gado Images’ services is our Cognitive Metadata Platform™, which uses technologies like facial recognition, optical character recognition, and neural networks to automatically caption and keyword images. This allows us to process large volumes of material quickly and increase the value of our assets in the licensing market.


To digitize and share the world’s visual history.


Gado Images provides innovative technologies and services to digitize, manage, and monetize historical collections, generating revenue for our partners and delivering unique content to creatives worldwide.


  • 2010: Gado Images is founded as Project Gado in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • 2011: Gado Images receives a grant from the Abell Foundation to digitize the archives of the Afro American Newspapers. The project ultimately results in the digitization of more than 120,000 images.
  • 2012: Gado Images launches the Gado 2, a digitization robot which autonomously digitizes flat photographs.
  • 2013: Gado Images launches a partnership with Getty Images to monetize its partners’ collections and distribute its imagery worldwide.
  • 2014: Gado Images launches its wholly-owned archive and begins to acquire and digitize historical artifacts to fulfill its clients’ needs. The company announces new partnerships with The Clarence Gatson Collection and the Laguna College of Art + Design.
  • 2015: Gado Images launches new partnerships with the Johns Hopkins University’s Sheridan Libraries, as well as with Sheet Music Plus. The company begins Beta testing of its Cognitive Metadata Platform ™. In late 2015, Gado Images launches a new initiative to digitize thousands of images and release them into the Public Domain in collaboration with the Internet Archive.
  • 2016: Gado Images publishes its 25,000th image on Getty Images, and launches its Footage division, which acquires and digitizes unique 8 mm and 16 mm films with a focus on found footage, family films, and other films documenting everyday life.